Unearth a new perspective on risk

At Unearth, we believe that risk starts and ends with people. Which is why people are at the core of the Unearth Risk System.

We’re transforming the way organisations approach risk. Are you ready to take a better approach to risk? Watch the video below to learn how.

Are you frustrated with the constant struggle of managing risks effectively in your organisation?

We understand the pressure you’re under. The traditional approach to risk management often feels like an endless cycle of ticking boxes and complying with regulations, leaving you exposed and vulnerable to unforeseen threats and risks. This not only hampers and impedes your team’s ability to perform their roles but also leaves you feeling uncertain and frustrated about your organisation’s resilience and how to effectively ‘PROTECT The House’, your house.

Sometimes, it can feel like a battlefield with no sign of an honest victory, especially as your tick box grows.

The Hidden Cost of Ineffective Risk Management

When risk management is reduced to mere compliance, it doesn’t just impact the efficiency of your operations—it threatens the very foundation of your business. The long-term consequences of this approach can be significant:


  • Operational Disruptions: Unmanaged risks can lead to significant disruptions, halting your business processes and affecting productivity.
  • Financial Losses: Failure to proactively manage risks can result in substantial financial losses due to unforeseen incidents.
  • Reputational Damage: Your organisation’s reputation can suffer, leading to a loss of trust among stakeholders and customers.
  • Employee Morale: A culture focused solely on compliance can lead to one of the most understated and quiet threats to an organisation by having disengaged employees who feel like they are undervalued.

We believe that Risk starts and ends with people

Because people are at the centre of all risk, risk falls under two categories:

The two in fact are interrelated. Risk to a person can often eventuate as risk by a person.

As you can see, this is the lens through which we view risk.

The Unearth Risk System, named S4R, is built to understand the whole person and the environmental influences that can impact a person to the point where they are either subjected to harm (Risk-to) or could do harm (Risk-by).

We then apply a model which allows us to look at the environmental influences that can impact a person to the point where they are either subjected to harm or become a subject of harm.

Our model consists of 4 principles:


  1. Predisposition – their whole journey of life – what makes a person tick and determines how they interpret situations. This also relates to stress capacity – how much stress they can take on-board.
  2. Stressors – Environmental factors such as home, work, financial, health.
  3. Triggers – identifying the things that can uniquely trigger a person, at a very specific individual level. The point at which something gets your attention.
  4. Onset – the expression of the change in behaviour.

How We Can Help

At the heart of effective risk management is a shift in mindset that sees people as the key to managing risks, not just potential liabilities. Our PROTECT framework can help elevate your current risk management practice.

Imagine turning your employees into proactive “risk sensors” who actively participate in identifying and mitigating risks. By embracing our people-centred approach, you can transform risk management practices and create a resilient, adaptable organisation.

Protect the house… and find reward in risk

When you hear the words “Protect the House” what does it make you think of?


It should make you think about protecting everything that sits under the roof of the house – people, place and things. Everything that is important within the house.

The “house” is symbolic of an organisation, department, agency, home… it is about uniting all stakeholders within the “house” to focus on protecting what is important.

Unearth’s commitment to our clients is to PROTECT THE HOUSE.

Our evidence-informed proprietary approach to risk is laser-focused on mitigating risk for organisations.

A powerful by-product of our approach is that it also opens up opportunities for organisations.

This means that we enable you to find reward in risk.

The 7-Step PROTECT System

Unearth the true value of your people

We drive transformational outcomes for organisations by creating “safe to succeed” environments. Because it’s only when people feel safe to fail, that they also feel safe to succeed.

The result: a high level of employee engagement and a winning team culture. This enables you to confidently manage the 3Rs – Risk, Reputation and Revenue.

RISK: Activate your people to avoid, sense and manage risk
Unlock the desire and capacity of your people to navigate risk to your organisation

REPUTATION: Reduce risk of incidents
Reduce the risk of incidents that can lead to reputational damage.

REVENUE: Optimise your revenue
Avoid losses due to theft, activity or incident.

The Unearth Risk System