Our Purpose – Why we’re in business

Welcome to Unearth. We’re a risk consultancy that works with enterprise and government leaders to ensure the protection of their most valuable organisational assets. Our unique perspective on risk enables our clients to unearth their greatest defence against risk…their people.

We exist to create a safer world

Ambitious? You bet.

We are ambitious and we’re deeply passionate about our Purpose.

It’s our North Star. It guides how we work with our clients, our partners, our employees and any other Unearth stakeholder.

It comes from a belief that everyone has the right to feel safe and to live well.

Safe and healthy environments nurture successful outcomes, because they empower people to give their best efforts, free of fear of failure.

Our commitment to our clients is to PROTECT THE HOUSE.
We drive transformational outcomes for organisations, by creating “safe to succeed” environments. Because it’s only when people feel safe to fail, that they also feel safe to succeed.

Our Core Values

Be Worthy of Trust

We build the confidence of our people, clients, partners and suppliers to Trust us. We earn that Trust. We are worthy of it. And we value it each and every day.

Bring Care and Compassion to the Table

Our commitment to the ethics of Compassion and Care extends to all living beings. We concentrate our efforts on protecting those exposed to harm and those who have the courage to identify the perpetrators of harm.

Channel Wisdom with Humility

We draw knowledge from a range of credible sources to inform our views and advice. We act beyond self-interest, united by a common purpose to prevent, mitigate or minimise harm. We channel wisdom with humility, understanding that without it, it’s not wisdom at all.

Be Brave in Our Endeavours

Our Purpose of creating a safer world demands us to step into our Courage. We won’t shy away from difficult issues or conversations. We recognise the road ahead may sometimes be rocky, but by being brave individually and collectively, we will create the change we are committed to achieving, with integrity.

Our Story

I want you to think back to a time you felt unsafe. Where you genuinely feared for your physical, mental or emotional safety.

Can you connect with that moment? Can you remember how you felt?

In the face of fear, when you feel vulnerable to attack, all you want to do is retreat. Run away. Hide. You can become defensive. Or you attack. These are all responses to feeling unsafe. They are all a natural human response of survival.

Now turn your thoughts to the people you lead. Your team or organisation. How safe do you think they feel?

Have you created a safe zone? An environment where they feel safe to work? Safe from any form of attack, physical, psychological or emotional? Have you created an environment where they are safe to fail? Because it’s only when people feel safe to fail, that they will also feel safe to succeed. If they don’t feel safe, then they’re hiding, defending or attacking and you’re not allowing them to share the value they are capable of.

Chances are you aspire to giving them a safe zone, even if you haven’t been able to actually create the ideal safe environment you’d like. I say “Chances are” because you’re here. You’ve made it this far to discover our story. This tells me that you more than likely value and care about your people.

It is “People Leaders” like you who share our vision of a world where everyone feels safe and lives well. A future where safe and healthy environments nurture successful outcomes because they empower people to give their best without fear of failure. Imagine a world where people feel empowered in that way. Imagine what we can collectively achieve. Tapping into the extraordinary power of people to create meaningful value and change that matters.

That’s a future we aspire to and are committing our energies and resources to achieve. We’re coming together as collaborators for a better future and we’d like to invite you to join us.

Today as we navigate a world changed by Coronavirus, we have an opportunity – a responsibility even – to do things differently.

At Unearth we’re on a mission to create a safer world. We’re committed to driving transformational outcomes for organisations by creating “safe to succeed” environments.

We take a human-centered approach to risk. And we believe that when you approach risk through the lens of a person, you not only mitigate risk, you also open up remarkable opportunities for people to give their best and for your organisation to thrive.

If – like us – you are driven by a desire to create change that matters; and if you believe in the power of people to create meaningful change, then join us. Connect with us human-to-human. Together, let’s reimagine the possibilities of your people and your organisation.

Unearth’s History

Unearth’s journey started in 2013, leveraging innovative and specialised technology capabilities and services from around the world.

The company was founded by Lisa Sisson who was driven by a passion to solve challenges that were deemed “too difficult” for others. She wanted to find innovative and pragmatic options for local customers.

Two key customer-centric objectives were defined from the beginning:

#1. Give back power to customers, by creating an environment where they could look under the hood of the technology capabilities and services in a more transparent model.

This allows them to make informed decisions relating to the relevance of the technology in question for their needs.

#2. Provide customers with tangible and innovative options that are effective today and for the future.

Our attitude is not to compound the noise in the marketplace by bringing in versions of similar technologies.

Our approach is to reduce technology limitations or gaps in the market, through innovation and complementing the technology capabilities and services that are currently available. 

Our customers know our commitment is to their journey, aiding them when there is often confusion, misinformation, complexities and sensitivity.

Education and facilitation have always been our methods of engagement with customers, not a hard sell. Our journey has allowed us to work with global brands on innovative programs of work, and at times, make history in this country.

Our path has allowed us to evolve and sharpen our focus and efforts to working in a space that is close to our hearts and where we believe the work is critical to get right… Protecting People, Places and Things (Assets) at risk… at scale.

Our People

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