The Unearth Team

Meet some of our experts. Their commitment to creating a safer world starts with creating a safe zone for you to understand if Unearth is the right risk partner for your organisation.

Lisa Sisson

Lisa Sisson

Founder & Director

Lisa Sisson

Author, speaker, guest lecturer, mentor, and founder of global risk consultancy, Unearth, Lisa Sisson is driven by a strong sense of purpose. Her mission in life and business is the same – to create a safer world.

Lisa believes when people feel safe, they are empowered to give their best efforts without fear of failure.

This purpose underpins her work at Unearth and has driven a unique perspective within an industry that is heavily process and technology driven.

Lisa’s three decade career has included two decades in technology and services with global brands and niche specialised companies, where she built a reputation for tackling the hard problems that most shy away from.

As a result of Lisa’s unique customer approach, she achieved some of the largest acquisition opportunities for her employers and was the recipient of several local and international Excellence and Outstanding Contribution awards.

Since founding Unearth in 2013, Lisa has worked with national security, emergency services and some of Australia’s largest commercial brands. Her background with specialised analytics in areas like insider threat and human behaviour, cyber, plus threat and hazards has delivered outstanding results for Unearth’s clients; on more than one occasion, creating history.

Lisa’s experience and unique approach to risk management has seen her recognised and being listed in The Australian Business Journal’s ’20 Australian Women Making Moves in 2022′. Lisa has written articles and interviewed for international and local media, including the Australian Financial Review.

Today Lisa helps boards, leaders, and employees gain a improved perspective and mindset towards risk management and leadership. Providing direction for executives who feel distracted and overwhelmed with “managing risk”, by demystifying and tackling risk within their organisation. Offering a new perspective, Unearth’s proprietary system provides a unique lens to viewing risk.

Not only is Lisa’s first book, “Risk Starts And Ends With People” an Amazon Best-Seller, but Lisa has developed popular courses and is a guest lecturer for Universities, helping to better equip future employees and leaders.

Justine Bedford

Organisational Psychologist, Justine Bedford, is Senior Behavioural and Risk Consultant who contracts through Unearth, and specialises in assessing, managing and preventing employee risk in the workplace.

A passion for understanding why people behave the way they do has made Justine a life-long student of counter-productive behaviour and more recently, behavioural analytics. Her driving motivation is to use her skills and expertise to achieve a just and fair society, where abuse of any kind – to all living things – is minimised; and where people’s differences do not fuel negative behaviour, interactions or activity.

Justine’s twenty-year career as a psychologist included working in the private sector as well as State and Federal Governments. She has been working in intelligence and national security for over fifteen years, including time working with justice, policing and emergency services and the national intelligence community.

Recently Justine completed a Doctor of Professional Studies in 2019, where she developed a diagnostic tool to assist organisations to better identify their vulnerability to insider threat.

Photo of Justine Bedford

Justine Bedford

Senior Behavioural and Risk Consultant

Photo of Iain MacKenzie

Iain MacKenzie

Strategist, Advisor and Change Leadership Specialist

Iain MacKenzie

Strategist, Advisor and Change Leadership specialist, Iain believes that meaningful change is only possible when people are at the centre of thinking, planning and the execution.

Shaped by forty years in the Public Safety sector, Iain is passionate about improving outcomes for people and their communities. Listening to the stories of individuals in their most trying times, Iain’s mantra is that it doesn’t matter how we feel about the job we have done, what matters is how we have made others feel.

From first responder, Deputy Commissioner of Fire & Rescue Services, Queensland’s Inspector-General Emergency Management, to Senior Advisor to the Commonwealth’s Minister for Emergency Management through the ‘black summer’ bushfires, Iain has been a driver of some of the biggest changes to how emergency and disaster management has evolved. He is recognised for expertise in the fields of disaster management, disaster risk reduction and resilience building, having led reviews into some of the Nation’s largest natural disasters.

A Professor of Practice, Disaster Management at Griffith University, Iain holds a master’s degree in Leadership and Management (Policing). Iain knows and understands the importance and value of authentic engagement and builds strong relationships by engaging with a full and diverse range of stakeholders at all levels of government, not for profit organisations and private enterprise.

Iain is an accomplished public speaker and presenter, having delivered international development programs here and abroad and presented at national and international conferences on change leadership, disaster management, and strategic planning.