Public Safety & Disaster Recovery Workshops

2-Hour Session

Each Masterclass offers an introduction to our PUBS (Planning Under Blue Skies) people-centered risk management approach. We deliver our Masterclasses online or live to teams of up to 20 people.


  • A safe zone to explore the limitations and unrealised opportunities of your current disaster recovery planning strategy.
  • Understand the principles of our PUBS (Planning Under Blue Skies) people-centered risk management framework.
  • Facilitation around your needs to determine if this approach is suitable for you.
  • Diagnostic follow-up and review.
  • Plus a free signed copy of Lisa Sisson’s book “Risk Starts And Ends With People” for each participant.

The “PUBS Test” Workshop

Full-Day Workshop

Does your recovery strategy pass the PUBS Test?

Unearth’s PUBS workshop is designed for government, community organisations and businesses to review their recovery planning strategy and get a report identifying key improvement opportunities and suggested approaches.

Drawing on the principles of the National Disaster Risk Reduction Strategy, we Unearth ways for you to reduce risk, increase resilience, improve governance, improve decision making and better align expenditure.

The workshop builds on our beliefs that:

  • The unprecedented should not be the unexpected.
  • Recovery is more than restore, repair, replace and rebuild, and
  • It’s about consequences, not impacts.

With you, in interactive discovery sessions, we will explore your current strategy and planning through the lens of what makes a healthy society.

This workshop is ideally delivered live and can also be delivered online for teams of up to 20 people.

Focusing on a system that keeps people at the centre and recognises that every decision we make will somehow affect people.  We ask ‘So what?’ until we Unearth that critical factor and ask if that contributes to delivering the future you want to create for your people.

We will apply the lens to:

  • The natural environment,
  • The built environment,
  • Transport and supply needs, and
  • The economy, always considering the complex interaction with
  • The Human, Social and Cultural aspects.

Our workshop will deliver:

Pre-workshop: our people will work with you to ensure the right people attend and to gather information about your specific environment.

  • A safe zone to explore the opportunities of our PUBS (Planning Under Blue Skies) people-centered risk approach.
  • An understanding by attendees of the importance and opportunities delivered by considering consequence rather than impact.
  • The benefits that adopting a PUBS approach can deliver to your organisation and community.
  • An overview of the critical risk issues with your current Disaster Planning & Recovery.
  • An assessment of the appropriateness of a PUBS approach for your organisation and community.
  • A post-session Executive overview of recommendations, including initial pathway for project and if relevant, key points to support a business case.
  • Plus a free signed copy of Lisa Sisson’s book “Risk Starts And Ends With People” for each participant.

PUBS Workshop

Custom Workshops

Our PUBS workshops focus on each of the five dimensions, capturing the effects on people.

We customise our workshops according to the outcomes of “THE PUBS TEST” workshop or based on a detailed briefing on your organisation’s current situation and needs.

Workshop sessions include:

  • PUBS: The natural environment
  • PUBS: The built environment
  • PUBS: Transport and supply needs
  • PUBS: The economy
  • PUBS: The Human, Social and Cultural aspects

Workshops can be delivered individually, as multiple workshops or as a full series. Half-day or full day to be determined according to specific client needs.

Interested in a Workshop?

If you would like to understand the most appropriate path to clarity for your organisational risk strategy, please get in touch for an initial discussion.

We offer a range of workshops across distinct sectors.