Risk Management Services

Our risk management services are inspired by our purpose, to create a safer world. We do this one organisation at a time; one community at a time; one person at a time.

Ours is a unique perspective on risk. We believe that risk starts and ends with people. That’s why people are at the core of our System 4 Risk, S4R, which sits at the heart of our unique, evidence-informed, proprietary approach; our PROTECT framework. All of our services, capabilities and programs are built around this framework.

We’re transforming the way organisations approach risk, helping leaders discover that risk is the pathway to opportunity. Are you ready to take a better approach to managing risk?


Our programs are built around our unique, evidence informed, proprietary approach to PROTECT THE HOUSE. A powerful by-product of our approach is that, as well as mitigating risk for organisations, it also opens up opportunities.


Beyond our core products, we offer consulting services to government, corporate and non-profit organisations. Our services include supporting clients who need help with specific problems relating to a risk management approach, providing support for a tender, or reviewing an organisation’s current risk profile.

Corporate Risk & Insider Threat Workshops

We “Unearth” the critical issues relating to risk, specific to your project. We then apply our unique PROTECT framework, enabling us to sense-check the level of appropriateness of a people-centered approach.

Public Safety & Disaster Recovery Workshops

Drawing on the principles of the National Disaster Risk Reduction Strategy, we Unearth ways for you to reduce risk, increase resilience, improve governance, improve decision making and better align expenditure.


A seven-part series as a starting point for organisations and communities who are considering a people-centred risk strategy.