Episode 36: With Christina Arcane, on uplevelling our approach to cybersecurity training and education

E36-Christina Arcane

As the title suggests, this podcast is all about unearthing a new perspective on risk.

My guests are experts in their fields where they impact risk either directly or indirectly. My interviews aim to lift the lid on risk and rip it apart to give you a whole new perspective on it.

My name’s Lisa Sisson and I am founder of risk consultancy, Unearth. I’m also becoming known somewhat as a “Risk Rebel”.

At Unearth we believe that risk starts and ends with people. Equally, we believe that opportunity starts and ends with people. So if you’re not looking at risk with, through and by your people, then you are not only leaving your organisation exposed to risk, you are also not opening up the opportunities that a people-centred risk strategy will deliver.

Welcome to the first episode of ‘Unearth A New Perspective on Risk’ for 2024. This episode offers a fresh outlook on cybersecurity and its intricate relationship with risk management. In this first episode for the year, we’re thrilled to present a candid and insightful conversation between Lisa and Christina Arcane, a renowned Cybersecurity education specialist and the Director of InspireCyber.

With years of experience across IT, Cybersecurity, and Privacy domains, including the successful launch of her own Cybersecurity SaaS Startup, Christina is now dedicated to empowering organisations like yours to equip employees with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape effectively.

In this thought-provoking discussion, Lisa and Christina explore several key areas of interest to corporate executives:

  • The importance of understanding how individuals learn and respond to training, and the challenges posed by technology in our daily lives.
  • The significance of the approach to cybersecurity education and the existing gaps that need attention.
  • The ongoing need for cybersecurity training and the potential pitfalls of assuming employees already possess the necessary knowledge.
  • The role of technical controls in supporting businesses and their employees without creating unnecessary barriers.
  • The concept of security by design and the importance of considering human factors at every layer.
  • The dangers of complacency and the need for continuous improvement in cybersecurity maturity.
  • The importance of early engagement between Project Management and the cybersecurity team.
  • The risks associated with email management and the need for robust security measures.
  • The benefits and risks of cybersecurity simulations.
  • The need for a balanced approach to accountability and the dangers of excessive punishment.
  • The challenges posed by organisations that fail to adopt best practices and adequately train their employees.
  • Strategies for fostering the right behaviours in both employees and customers.

This episode promises to provide you with valuable insights, practical advice, and a new perspective on cybersecurity and risk management. We invite you to join us as we delve into these crucial topics and uncover innovative ways to enhance your organisation’s cybersecurity posture. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the evolving cybersecurity landscape and its implications for your business.

If there is anything from this episode you would like to discuss or questions you have, then we would like to hear from you.

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