A “RISK-PROTECTED” organisation is not an organisation that relies on expensive high-end technology and/or Fort Knox-like processes at the expense of its people.

True protection comes from within. It comes from an organisation’s people and their motivation to “PROTECT THE HOUSE”, their organisation. The most risk-insulated organisations understand that the flip side of risk is opportunity. As a result, they put people at the centre of their risk management strategy. They focus on seven critical aspects influencing risk:

Protected organisations activate their people to become their greatest risk management asset, not their greatest risk.

Protected organisations put people at the centre of their risk lens.

Protected organisations don’t wait for a risk event to happen. They seek to manage risk at its origins. They recognise that a risk event starts long before it becomes a known risk event. They seek to identify, manage, avoid and defuse situations which can create stressors, triggers and onset of risk events.

Protected organisations understand the value of building confidence through their people. They work actively to earn and cultivate trust, authentically.


Protected organisations work actively to maximise the work environment, so that their people feel safe to fail. Because it’s only when people feel safe to fail that they truly feel safe to succeed.


Protected organisations employ a “win-with” mindset to empower collaboration as one team.

Protected organisations ensure their people have the right tools for the right job. This includes expertise, skills, knowledge, processes, and relevant and innovative technology capabilities. Unlike many other organisations, the Tool Kit is simply a part of a wider approach to managing risk, because protected organisations recognise that their tech and tools are only as good as the people using them.

Think about those organisations that you know that consistently thrive. They appear to avoid risk effortlessly. Look closer and you will see that most of them are led by “People Leaders”; leaders who believe that everyone has a right to feel safe and live well. They actively work to create safe and healthy environments that nurture successful outcomes, because they want to empower people to give their best without fear of failure.

Protect the House diagram

Their approach may vary, but usually some or all seven of the critical aspects influencing risk are consistently applied through their organisations.

At Unearth, our unique PROTECT THE HOUSE methodology empowers the best efforts of your people, free of fear of failure. We create a “safe to succeed” environment that builds trust and collaboration between people, teams and leadership.

This methodology and our unique System 4 Risk (S4R) are delivered through our core programs:

Corporate Risk Program

A comprehensive program for organisations wanting to implement a strategic risk management approach for their organisation, department or for a specific project.

Disaster Recovery – PUBS Program

A comprehensive program targeting disaster recovery. Our PUBS (Planning Under Blue Skies) approach understands that recovery is more than restore, repair, replace or rebuild. True recovery needs an understanding of the full consequences not just impacts.