Insider Threat – Finance Sector – Summary

Posted on March 19, 2020
Customer Success Story Part 1

A Person-Centric Approach to Insider Threat


In a time when there is so much noise surrounding the topic of Insider Threat and confusion about how to address it, Unearth collaborated with one of Australia’s most recognised financial brands to provide clarity on the subject. In order to respect the brand’s privacy, we will give them a fictitious name. They will be referred to as ABC Corp for the sake of this case study.

ABC Corp recognised the need to identify effective technologies that would enable them to more effectively monitor, assess, identify, prioritise, and mitigate risks associated with their Insider Threats. This includes threats that arose from malevolence as well as negligence.

Leaders at ABC Corp identified multiple areas within the company that shared responsibilities in regard to detecting potential insider threats to the organisation. These sectors also held valuable information and data that could be used for preventative detection.

Despite being aware of the existence of this useful information, ABC Corp did not have an effective strategy to harness the data to provide a comprehensive view of the risk posed by insiders to the business. They were unable to forecast the damage that could be caused.

ABC Corp partnered with Unearth to help them cultivate a person-centric approach to insider threat. This is very significant for the history of Australian business, as it is the first of its kind, a person-centric insider threat mitigation solution that continuously measures the trustworthiness of employees within an organisation, pinpointing early indications of the most serious risk. At the same time, there was a need to break down internal barriers around data sharing and to provide a holistic strategy for detecting anomalous activities within ABC Corp.


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