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Unearth Technologies is a niche company that is focused on providing Australian customers niche and emerging technologies and services that complement and enhance what is available locally today. We work hard to ensure we can find the most effective and efficient way for customers to access these technologies.

Investing time to understand how customers prefer to access technologies, also means keeping up to date with their practices and at times working through some of their preferred relationships. One example is Unearth Technologies attending BAE Systems Australia Global Access Program‘s Estimating & Pricing (E&P) Masterclass course on 13 and 14 October 2015 at the Sydney Business Chamber, Parramatta.

The E&P Masterclass was a two-day course, expanding on the E&P Fundamentals course held earlier this year in conjunction with the Global Access Program.

The E&P Fundamentals course introduced concepts in Estimating Approaches, Techniques and Methodology; deconstructing a Price Build Up; global Defence Government requirements and contract pricing giving consideration to risk and uncertainty. It also looked at the fundamentals of challenging estimates and supplier quotations, application of learning curves, avoiding human bias and commercial terms and conditions. The course briefly introduced risk intelligence.

The Masterclass delved further into detailed Risk and Opportunity concepts, greater awareness and practical application of Variation on Price techniques and methodologies across various contracting models, and further explored evaluation of supplier quotations. The two-day course involved an interactive simulated bid process, with a focus on these concepts.

Unearth will continue to explore opportunities to gain insights enabling us to service Australian customers effectively and efficiently.

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