Unearth invited to Queensland Government Innovation Hub Pilot Project – Round 2


Presentation PrepUnearth Technologies was shortlisted by the Innovation Hub Pilot Project’s judging panel. Our team was invited to attend the “Round 2 challenge of Emergency Management – Inspector-General Emergency Management” event on the 8th & 9th December 2014.

The overall program has been run by PwC where “Challenge Owners” submit market opportunities (‘challenges’) to the platform. Through PwC’s program and based on the challenge PwC reach out to various members of the innovation community for the opportunity to apply to participate with innovative solution options. Once the initial submissions are assessed, those that are successful move into Round 2 and participate in the 2 day program.



Shortlisted participants engage with the Challenge Owners prior to submitting their proposed solution for the final selection process. Challenge Owners then select the team and they work together to develop and execute innovative solutions.

Unearth Technologies welcomed the opportunity to participate and were the first team to present at the event before some very large and well-known organisations.

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