Cyber Risk Starts and Ends with People

The Human Factor

The Human Factor Have you ever written a blog and put it aside and forgotten about it? I do it quite a bit. I have

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Unearth attends the Cyber in Business Conference

The moment you hear “cyber-security”, everyone thinks the responsibility lies with the IT Department; but should it?
It was clear when attending the Cyber in Business Conference in Sydney, that the spotlight has shifted, and rightfully so, as cyber-security is not “just an IT problem”, but a business problem.

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Cyber Fraud Customer Case Study

Cyber Fraud – Finance Sector

The financial sector and their customers continue to be subjected to an increase frequency and sophistication of cyber-fraud attacks. This case study looks at how Unearth helped a large Australian Financial Institution take an “outside the box” approach to cyber-fraud attacks.

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AWS 2014

Unearth attends 2014 AWS Summit – Sydney

The conference celebrated Amazon Web Service’s 8th Birthday and some impressive achievements Amazon has made in a short period of time. Werner Vogels, VP and CTO, in the opening address showed a slide showing a Infrastructure-as-a-service Magic Quadrant 2013 graphic that was published by Gartner, Inc, showing AWS as a clear leader. It was noted that AWS has more than five times the compute capacity in use than the aggregate of its closest fourteen competitors!

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Black Hat

Unearth attends Black Hat USA 2013

The Black Hat Conference experience is quite unique and one of the well-know on the annual security conference calendar; not just from the shear size of the event, but it’s unique and diverse range of participants (e.g. security-professionals, hackers and academics) and presenters.

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Law Enforcement

Unearth attends the 2013 Police Technology Conference

The Police Technology Conference provides an opportunity to share insights and developments relating to capabilities that are being trailed and developed for police forces with the intent to allow them to become more effective and efficient in the face of increasingly sophisticated organised crime.

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