Public Safety

It is about people

It’s about people, stupid.

An engineer, economist, and a grazier walk into a PUB after a flood, the debate starts, it’s about repairing roads, it’s about restoring phones, it’s

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So What?

So What?

So What? The most important tool and least asked question. Research, or rather, quickly google, the question “so what?” and you will find a range

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EARTH: FIRE & RAIN – Unearth attends the Australian & New Zealand Disaster & Emergency Management Conference

Protecting those who protect us!
Wearing a uniform or holding a Public Safety responsibility does not automatically mean you are immune to the psychological impact of incidents and confronting situations.
The 2016 Australian & New Zealand Disaster & Emergency Management Conference (ANZDMC) had a number of sessions focused on the impact of a disaster at the human impact level; the individuals, families and communities, plus the often less discussed, first responders and support and relief workers engaged in the incident or disaster. They are the people being deployed to protect us and all that we value.

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New Orleans Disaster

Unearth attends Opening of ASPI’s Risk & Resilience Program

The Minister for Justice, Michael Keenan MP, who has federal responsibility for emergency management, officially launched the APSI Risk & Resilience Program at Parliament House, which included the release of the Special Report “Bolstering National Disaster Resilience: What can be done?”.

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Unearth attends Comms Connect Sydney 2014

Comms Connect hosted their inaugural event in Sydney provided the opportunity to hear from speakers, like Rod Gilmour, chairman of the NSW Telco Authority, Shane Fitzsimmons AFSM, commissioner of the NSW Rural Fire Service, and others who shared their experience and insight relating to mission and business-critical communications systems.

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Law Enforcement

Unearth attends the 2013 Police Technology Conference

The Police Technology Conference provides an opportunity to share insights and developments relating to capabilities that are being trailed and developed for police forces with the intent to allow them to become more effective and efficient in the face of increasingly sophisticated organised crime.

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