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Unearth’s purpose is to create a safer world. That leads us into the workplace and into communities. We also know that to make impact at the level we want, we need the expertise of professionals with specific skillsets. That is why Unearth has a Partnership Ecosystem that provides access to other purpose driven and ‘game changing’ specialist companies locally and internationally

Each partnership is aligned to Unearth’s purpose and values, and the services and capabilities provided by our partners are complementary to our own and sit within our PROTECT framework, providing an exciting opportunity for our customers to leverage.

Today, Unearth is excited to announce a new and exclusive partnership with Next5 for Australia and New Zealand. Next5 and Unearth share a common set of goals and philosophy about emerging technologies, the way we engage with our customers, and the high quality standards we aspire to.

Together Ocean

Next5 is a technology-focused business intelligence and strategic advisory company. They help leading organisations develop, acquire and protect the game-changing technologies of the future.  Their research provides unique perspective on critical emerging technologies, global supply chains, and geo-political and economic factors that shape opportunities and risks.

All of Unearth’s partnerships have a depth and they support our unique perspective and approach to risk management, plus our commitment to our customers to ‘Protect the House’. It is through our approach that we can show customers how to use risk as a pathway to opportunity and transformation.


Reach out to learn more or feel free to listen to a recent Podcast between Next5’s Founder, Bryan Ware and Unearth’s Founder, Lisa Sisson.

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